Donationer 2017

Tack vare alla er har föreningen donerat 607.400 kronor under 2017. Donationerna har fördelats enligt följande:

  • David Sheldrick                                            255 000
  • Sanwild Wildlife Trust                               183 500
  • Elephant Family                                              75 400
  • Friends of the Asian Elephant                 29 000
  • Wildlife SOS                                                      27 500
  • Elephant Haven                                               23 000
  • Game Rangers Intl                                            8 000
  • Mara Elephant Project Trust                       6 000

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Mjukiselefanter lagom till jul

Lagom till jul har vi fått in mjukiselefanter. De kostar 80 kr + porto.

Nya färger på T-shirts

Nu har vi fått in fler färger på våra populära t-shirts. Marinblå både till dam och herr samt röd till dam.

Julmarknad 10 december

Föreningen kommer att vara med på NK-villans julmarknad i Nyköping den 10:e december kl 12-16.

Kom och hälsa på och köp våra fina julklappar; t-shirts, tygpåsar, muggar, reflexer, grytlappar och gåvobrev samt medlemskap för 2018.

Köp reflexer till höstmörket

Pris: 40 kr inkl porto. Vid köp av flera är priset 30 kr/st.

Maila och/eller betala in på plusgiro PG 499 00 75-6. Glöm inte att ange namn och adress.

2017 år Global March for Elephants and Rhinos

Idag har vi spridit vårt budskap om elefanter i ett regnigt Stockholm. Ett stort tack till alla som var där, speciellt till Stockholms internationella skola.

2017 års Global March for Elephants and Rhinos 7 oktober 

I år kommer vi att manifestera på Mariatorget i Stockholm mellan kl 11-15. Vi kommer att informera om elefanter och vår förening samt ha försäljning av våra populära produkter. Senaste informationen finns alltid på vår Facebook sida.

Äldre händelser

2016 års Global March for Elephants and Rhinos

Vi anordnar återigen Global March for Elephants and Rhinos i Stockholm!

För tredje året i rad vi anordnar återigen protestmarsch och fredliga manifestationer utanför Kinas och Thailands ambassader. Nytt datum (24:e september) men samma plats gäller som förra året. 24:e september kl 14:00 (var där i god tid) utanför Thailands Ambassad.

Läs mer här:

Vi anordnar och deltar för andra året Global March for Elephants and Rhinos

Vi anordnar återigen protestmarsch och fredliga manifestationer utanför Kinas och Thailands ambassader. Samma datum och plats gäller som förra året, 4:e oktober kl 14:00 (var där i god tid) utanför Thailands Ambassad.

Läs mer här:

Vi anordnar och deltar i GMFER Chinese Embassy Protest – Stockholm

En fredlig manifestation mot Kinas handel med elfenben.

Tid: 7 mars 14.00
Plats: Kinas ambassad, Lidovägen 8, Stockholm ( Gärdet)

Läs mer på vår Facebooksida!

Vi anordnar och deltar i Global March for Elephants and Rhinos

Följ med på marschen 4 oktober! Vi kommer att ha fredliga manifestationer utanför Kinas och Thailands ambassader och dela ut information till människor vi möter. 120 städer runt om i världen genomför denna marsch samma dag. Vi måste få stopp på tjuvjakt och handel med elfenben och noshörningshorn nu! 13:00 ses vi utanför Thailands Ambassad.

Läs mer här:

Ny uppdatering från Elephant Family

Vi donerade nyligen pengar till Elephant Family, som skickade följande informativa brev tillbaks till oss:

”Dear Defend the Elephants,

I am writing to say a huge thank you from the whole team here for the recent generous donation that we received from you. We are a small team who really cares about our donors, and we hugely appreciate your continued support.

I wanted to give you a brief update on the work that you are helping us to carry out. The three key priorities for us at the moment are (a) to stop the live trade in wild baby elephants for the tourist trade (b) to reconnect the habitat for the elephants in Assam, India and (c) to help the forgotten elephants of Odisha – who are fighting for survival against so many threats including poaching, habitat fragmentation, electrocution from low hanging wires and the effects of industry. Information released last week from the state of Odisha confirmed the death of 784 elephants in the last 14 years. Elephant Family is working with local communities and the forest department to prevent poaching and prevent conflict. We have also been campaigning for power distribution companies to address the dangerously low hanging wires that cause elephant deaths each year. At the start of this year Reliance pledged to raise the height in all the low hanging wires in elephant corridor areas. We are staying close to this situation to make sure the promise becomes reality.

Last week I returned from an International Wildlife Conference in Geneva (CITES) where a breakthrough was achieved. After 3 years of lobbying governments to acknowledge the problem, CITES agreed to investigate countries who are implicated in the trade and hold them to account. The fight is far from over – what is urgently needed is investigations that reveal the true scale of the trade. The figures we have had so far are as a result of just one investigation and are therefore scratching the surface. Thanks to your donation we are closer to our target of £12,000 which is needed to fund the next batch of investigations. This is undercover work which must be carried out in strictest confidence. Between the sustained pressure from Elephant Family and the action agreed by CITES, progress is being made.

A one page overview on each area is attached. It will be my pleasure to write to you with more information as your support is coming at a poignant time for Elephant Family. Less than three months ago we lost our founder and inspiration, Mark Shand. Mark was one of Asia’s elephants greatest champion and his tragic early death is a real blow. We are more determined than ever to continue his fight for Asia’s elephants and keep his legacy alive.

Thank you from all of us here.

With warmest wishes,


Joanna Cary-Elwes Campaigns Manager”

Nyheter från Elephant Family

Efter att vi donerade 10.000 SEK till Elephant Family nyligen fick vi följande brev med oroväckande information från Indien.

”No doubt you’ll have been following the recent summit in London and the signing of the London Declaration on the Illegal Wildlife Trade. We were pleased with the general outcome, and also that HRH Prince of Wales did make the point that the poaching wasn’t restricted to Africa; something that we were keen to stress when so often the focus on Asian countries is just as a transit route or destination for what is coming out of Africa. Not only does it seem to be getting bad where we are working in Odisha, but we see in the news last week that it’s now also really bad in Uttarakhand http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/environment/flora-fauna/uttarakhand-emerging-as-hotspot-of-ivory-smuggling/articleshow/30760241.cms. We don’t have a presence in Uttarakhand at the moment, but if the situation continues and we also secure further support then it is definitely something that we will have to look at in the future.

I hope that everything is well with you and Föreningen Försvara Elefanterna. Do let me know if you need any further information from us at any point.

All the best Dan

Dan Bucknell
Head of Conservation and Campaigns”

26 elefanter slaktade med kulsprutor i Centralafrikanske republiken

Elefanterna fanns i det område där Dzanga-studien, som vi bidragit till, har pågått i många år. De sköts ifrån ett utkikstorn som använts av forskarna och av besökande turister för att studera elefanterna. Gläntan i skogen kallas av människorna i området för ” elefantbyn”. Där kände sig elefanterna trygga…

Customs officers find a tonne of elephant tusks hidden under rocks in shipping container in third big seizure in three months

Hong Kong authorities have made their third big seizure of illegal ivory in three months, confiscating more than a tonne of elephant tusks worth $1.4m, customs officials said on Friday.

Customs officers seized 779 pieces of ivory weighing 1,323kg (2,916lb) in a shipping container that arrived at Hong Kong’s port from Kenya after passing through Malaysia.

The officers discovered the ivory after x-raying the container, which was declared to be carrying architectural stones. Forty sacks holding the ivory were found inside five wooden crates, hidden under rocks. The investigation is still continuing. No one has been arrested.

The discovery on 20 October of nearly four tonnes in two shipments, worth $3.4m, was the city’s biggest seizure in a single operation. A shipment found in November was about the same size as the one found on Thursday. Hong Kong authorities also confiscated a shipment of ivory worth $2.2m in 2011.

Wildlife activists say strong demand and high prices for ivory, which can fetch up to $1,000 a pound, have driven elephant poaching to record levels. Most illegal ivory is believed to be obtained through the wildlife trade in Africa and smuggled to China and Thailand for use as ornamental items.

Källa: The Guardian

Elephant Family rapporterar att tre tjuvjägare gripits i Indien

Three wire trap poachers were caught red handed by forest officials this week, and over 1000 metres of electric wire were seized!

Last month we launched an appeal to stop elephants from being killed by electric wire traps. Poachers were tapping overhead power lines and using the electricity to kill all wildlife coming into contact with them – in October, wire traps killed 5 elephants in 15 days.

With your help, we campaigned with the forest department and our local partners – the Wildlife Society of Odisha – which led to more forest officials on patrol than ever before. It was only a matter of time before these poachers were caught!

Tre elefanter i en familj dödade av tjuvjägare 28 oktober. Den yngsta ungen blev omhändertagen av David Sheldrick Wildlife trust.

On October 27 2012, Nick Brandt took the photo above, of Qumquat, one of Amboseli’s most famous matriarchs, and her family. 24 hours later, they were gunned down by poachers.

Fem ton elfenben upp i rök

Gabons president Ali Bongo har tänt eld på nära fem ton elfenben – värt mångmiljonbelopp – i avsikt att visa att hans regering menar allvar med att stoppa tjuvjakt och rädda elefanterna.

Läs mer: DN.se

Los Angeles Zoo Elephant Exhibit On Trial This Week

After winding its way through the courts for five years, a taxpayer lawsuit against the Los Angeles Zoo regarding its controversial $42 million elephant exhibit has finally gone to trial. The lawsuit, filed by attorney David Casselman, seeks to stop the display of elephants in a small, inadequate exhibit that does not meet their needs. The zoo currently holds a male elephant Billy, and females Tina and Jewel, on little more than two acres of useable space.

Filed in 2007, the suit alleges ongoing illegal, damaging and wasteful actions by the zoo, including construction of an exhibit that does not provide the large space and natural conditions elephants need for health and well-being. The plaintiffs charge that inadequate conditions perpetuate captivity-caused foot and joint diseases that kill elephants prematurely, and that the risk of abusive handling practices still exists.

Witnesses in the trial include world-renowned elephant researcher Dr. Joyce Poole, wildlife veterinarians Dr. Mel Richardson and Dr. Phil Ensley, Emory University neuroscientist Dr. Lori Marino, Born Free Foundation CEO Will Travers, and The Elephant Sanctuary CEO Rob Atkinson. IDA Elephant Campaign Director Catherine Doyle, who has been fighting for the elephants at the Los Angeles Zoo since 2003, was also called to testify.

The trial is attracting media attention and is sure to open the eyes of the public to the outdated practice of confining elephants in unnatural zoo exhibits that lead to terrible suffering and premature death. A win in the lawsuit would set a precedent that could send shockwaves through the zoo industry. The trial is expected to last through the week.

Källa: In Defense Of Animals

NEWS ALERT: 601 kg of illegal ivory seized in Nairobi, investigat​ions underway

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Canine Unit together with Police and Customs officials at Kenya’s main airport in Nairobi have this morning intercepted 345 pieces of raw ivory weighing 601 kg destined for Lagos, Nigeria.

The ivory, packed in six crates and sprayed with pepper to prevent dogs from sniffing it, had been further covered aluminium foil.

The illegal cargo, which was to be flown on Ethiopian Airlines, was intercepted at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Investigation determine the origin and owners of the illegal ivory is underway while the cargo is being moved to KWS headquarters in Nairobi and will be displayed to journalists at an appropriate time.

The round-the-clock surveillance has been enhanced at all Kenya’s exit and entry points while the sniffer dogs and their handlers have proved incorruptible and have once again outsmarted the smugglers. No effort will be spared in ensuring that no illegal wildlife product leaves or transits through our country as provided for by Kenyan and international law (United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna-CITES).

Källa: Kenya Wildlife Service